Opportunites to get involved with the CIPD Trust

Use your HR skills and experience to tackle barriers to work

Where can you make a difference?

We understand the unique skills and expertise that the people profession can bring to support individuals facing barriers to work. That’s why we’ve curated a range of volunteer opportunities specifically designed to harness your HR talents for meaningful impact. Join us in making a difference by applying your HR skills to support people to get into sustained, meaningful employment.

Volunteer your expertise

Four people in a college library environment.

Mentor a parent returning to the workforce

Boost the confidence of a parent and help them find the right job to return to.

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Support a woman in prison back to work

Use your expertise in employee development and recruitment to help someone to re-enter the workplace and thrive.

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Mentor a refugee to succeed in work

Use your unique skills to support refugees to re-enter the workplace in the UK and develop in existing roles.

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Support a person with a conviction to find work

Empower people with experience of the criminal justice system to re-enter the workplace and thrive.

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Mentor an aspiring people profession leader

Use your leadership experience to empower a future leader in the HR profession.

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Connect with an HR student

Empower people from all backgrounds starting out in HR, L&D and OD.

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Volunteering with the CIPD Trust

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