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How we help people from all backgrounds get in and get on in HR, Learning & Development, Organisational Development and all people professional roles.

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The Aspiring HRD programme offered exactly what I needed to get an HR director (HRD) role: mentoring with an experienced HRD so I could see through their eyes, connection with fellow aspiring HRDs so we could share our experiences, challenges and successes, and access to top-notch research and insight into what it takes to navigate organisational dynamics at the director level.”

– Olukemi Jeboda, Director of People, Langley House Trust, and previous Aspiring HRD mentee 

Creating a stronger, more diverse people profession

We champion better work and working lives for all. That’s why we’re developing those who are under-represented in the people profession. We’re building a professional community whose experiences and insights will make work more fair and inclusive for everyone.
We’re focusing our free, nationwide support on those who face barriers getting in and getting on in the people profession:

  • people who need financial support to begin their CIPD studies
  • refugees looking to get started or transfer their experience
  • people from under-represented groups facing barriers to progression as leaders or HR directors.

Is this you? Or someone you know? Or someone you work with?

What I wish I’d known – HR Directors

Being a director, adding value, office politics, work-life balance and more… Hear the candid reflections of our panel of HR directors and former Aspiring HRD programme mentees, chaired by Leah De Silva, Senior Programme Manager at the CIPD Trust.  

How we make a difference

Each year, more of our senior people professionals step up to support those joining and progressing in the profession. And with great results. To date, over 45% of participants in our over-subscribed Aspiring HRD programme are from ethnic minorities. 15% have a disability (or prefer not to say). Almost 45% have been promoted since joining the programme, many to HR director, chief people officer or assistant director roles. And our growing alumni of leaders support each other and mentor others. This means we can scale our work and expand its impact across the people profession.

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