Recruiting, employing and retaining people with convictions: Guide for organisations

Practical recommendations and information to support organisations to recruit, employ and retain employees who have convictions or lived experience with the criminal justice system.

The Guide to recruiting, employing and retaining people with convictions provides practical recommendations for employers who want to broaden their talent pool and welcome people with convictions into their workplace.  

Did you know that around a quarter of the UK population has a conviction? That’s a lot of people with valuable skills, experience and knowledge who can make a positive contribution to society. This comes at the same time as many organisations are struggling to recruit the right people. 

By offering opportunities to people with convictions, organisations can empower them to rebuild, thrive, contribute positively to society and reduce the likelihood of reoffending.   

In the guide, Greene King and J Murphy & Son share their experience of how they have successfully employed people with convictions.

The new Guide also highlights the benefits of employing people with convictions as well as provides recommendations for organisations, including: 

  • Highlight your approach to recruiting people with convictions in job advertisements and career pages on your website. Let people know that you do not discriminate against people with convictions.  
  • Train recruiting managers on your policy and any relevant legislation relating to recruiting and managing employees with convictions, as well as fair and inclusive recruitment practices.  
  • Seek out suitably qualified mentors or champions where appropriate, to support people with convictions joining the organisation. Allies can play a powerful role in creating an inclusive culture and help to provide valuable support. 
  • Communicate your strategy for employing prison leavers both externally and internally, reassuring existing employees about checks in place. External communication is also good for your reputation, your employer brand, and will help to drive candidates to your vacancies. 

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