Supporting people with convictions back to work

People professionals empowering people with experience of the criminal justice system to re-enter the workplace, and thrive.

Working with people with convictions

We’re running a six month pilot programme to support people with convictions back to work. In collaboration with St Giles Trust and Offploy, we have 15 mentee/mentor relationships underway, each providing specialist mentoring and employment support.

Our mentors, all expert HR professionals, are working with newly recruited people with convictions to support them in navigating the world of work. We hope the programme will empower mentees to rediscover confidence, re-establish and develop their skills and help those who have been out of the workplace for sometime become settled, for the best chance of success in their roles.

  • Reoffending costs the UK approximately £18.1 billion a year.
  • The prison system also has a poor record in reducing reoffending, with 49% of adults reoffending within 12-months.
  •  86% of employers who have recruited people with convictions report they are good at their job.
  • 92% of employers say diverse recruitment has enhanced their reputation, helping them win new business.

How it works

Mentoring takes place online, with mentors available to answer workplace queries and ensure individuals are supported as they navigate the workplace. There is also the opportunity to meet face-to-face.

Topics that a mentee could get support and guidance on include:

  • Assisting with queries on contracts and policies
  • Instilling confidence
  • Advice on developing skills, progressing in the role and wider career aspirations.

Interested in mentoring on future cohorts? Let us know.

Our partnerships

We have teamed up with St Giles Trust and Offploy on this pilot, both experts in supporting people with convictions to get their lives back on track.

Employers often come to us asking how to hire people with convictions but don’t know where to start. Running this project with CIPD will give more HR managers the confidence to safely hire people with lived experience but also give many of our candidates the vital new chance that they need.

Rik Willis, Service Manager at Offploy


Hiring with Conviction from Working Chance

This guide, from the UK’s only employment charity solely for women with convictions, draws on their extensive knowledge, equipping employers with everything they need to hire people with convictions fairly, safely and effectively.

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