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How you can use your business skills, experience and networks to co-create careers programmes that impact young people’s futures

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Tackle the barriers to great careers advice for young people

Good careers education in schools and colleges is essential to prepare young people for the world of work and their futures. They need help to see what potential opportunities are available and understand how to access them.

As an HR or business professional, you can put your skills, business experience and networks to full effect. You can bring work to life for young people. And you can collaborate strategically with staff and leaders to develop a strong careers programme.

Become an Enterprise Adviser and make a lasting impact on young people’s futures.

Conditions for transition: supporting young people onto apprenticeships and technical pathways – a regional analysis

The Careers & Enterprise Company (CEC), who run the Enterprise Adviser programme, released a new report in September 2023, which draws together publicly available evidence and data with insight from more than 500 experts from education, business and local authorities. It outlines insights from CEC’s new Apprenticeship and Technical (ATE) Framework, used in all areas of England over the past 12 months, to shine a light on the supports and barriers to smoother transitions onto the ATE pathway. You can read the report here.

Opening the door to opportunity: volunteering as an Enterprise Adviser

CIPD Northern Policy Forum- hybrid working; where are we now?


Make the most of your expertise

Professionals and business leaders from any industry, including HR and other people professionals can be an Enterprise Advisor. Employed, self-employed or recently retired, we look for people who can bring insights from different sectors.

What matters most is that you are keen to collaborate with the careers lead in an education setting and:

  • provide a valuable employer perspective and share your expertise
  • support them in developing and evaluating their careers plan
  • embed labour market information and opportunities within their approach
  • engage with local businesses and employers in your network to maximise young people’s careers opportunities.

Why Alice chooses to volunteer at a SEND school



I’ve recently come an Enterprise advisor. I’ve always worked with schools, in secondary schools, promoting careers and skills advice or inspiring girls. For myself I really wanted to work with one particular school and picked an SEND school to do that. One of the reasons, really for myself, is that I feel that diversity and inclusion need to start at grassroots so that means every child should have access to the same kind of support that that all children in secondary schools are receiving.

Help us make a bigger difference

Our community of business leaders and people professionals sets us apart. Our volunteers have the industry and professional knowledge to demystify what employers look for in their future talent.

It shows in the contribution we can make to young people’s career prospects. A young person who has four or more meaningful encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to become NEET (not in education, employment or training). And 77% of schools and colleges report that their careers provision has improved since connecting with an Enterprise Adviser.

Learn more about our impact here.

The Careers & Enterprise Company

The Careers & Enterprise Company works with schools, colleges and employers to help every young person find their best next step. Launched in 2015, their Enterprise Adviser Network now includes over 4,000 Enterprise Advisers who volunteer their time to help bridge the gap between the world of work and education. 

Nicola’s story

Discover how Nicola helped to prepare students for the world of work.

Nicola was completing a coaching course when she discovered the Enterprise Adviser programme. She saw it as an opportunity to marry her coaching skills with her keen interest in helping young people. She was matched with Oathall Community College and, after meeting with their careers team, it was clear that the school already had some good initiatives in place for certain year groups. With Nicola’s help, the careers team began a review of the school’s careers strategy with a focus on how to make their workplace interactions more meaningful. Through building strong relationships, Nicola has become a critical friend – supportive but challenging. She has helped the school with their strategic thinking and encouraged them to get buy-in from school leaders and governors, providing an employer’s perspective and suggesting ways to make employer encounters more useful. “I have really valued this opportunity to work with a local school to help young people prepare for the world of work. I’d recommend the Enterprise Adviser role to anyone with strategic business expertise who can spare a few hours each month to help schools improve their careers provision and to develop key employability skills, ensuring pupils are ready to face the next phase of their lives.”

Frequently asked questions

What can I gain from becoming an Enterprise Adviser?

  • Strong working relationships with your local school or college.
  • An insight into what young, future talent looks for in an employer.
  • The opportunity to give back and connect with your local community.
  • Experience of strategic planning in a new context.
  • The opportunity to raise the profile of your own organisation and industry, creating pathways into your sector.
  • Stronger skills in communication, strategy development, community awareness, networking, coaching and mentoring.
  • A better understanding of the education sector and the challenges it faces. 

Who can be an Enterprise Adviser?

  • an HR or business professional from any industry sector or professional background, either employed, self-employed or recently retired
  • dedicated to making a lasting impact on the future outcomes of young people
  • willing to volunteer your time to achieve positive change in local schools and colleges
  • able to use your existing networks or create new links between employers and schools.

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