Share your expertise to strengthen the people profession 

How you can empower people from all backgrounds to progress as leaders in all people professional roles.

Help another people professional reach their potential 

We’re creating a more diverse people profession that reflects the communities we serve. That means supporting people from all backgrounds to take on leadership roles in the profession, and who better to make this happen than the senior leaders in our community? People like you who are willing to share how you tackled the barriers and opportunities you faced.

I love my job, love being an HR professional and love the opportunity to be able to give back to future people leaders too.

Stuart Branch, Group People & Technology Director

Mentor a Future People Leader

As someone working at Head of HR or higher level, based in the UK, we’ll connect you with a professional at HR manager level or equivalent. You’ll mentor them through our Future People Leaders’ programme that blends 6-9 months of your support with online learning and group discussion.

What matters most is that you’re willing to help others in our community, especially those in under-represented groups.

You’ll listen and share your insights as they:

  • Tackle the leadership demands at their level and above
  • Anticipate and respond to organisational issues
  • Find ways to maintain their work-life balance
  • Manage the challenges of office politics
  • Make the most of their qualifications, experiences and networks.

If this is you, we’ll provide the training to get you started, connect you with a mentee, and support you in making the most of your valuable expertise.

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The AHRD programme offered what I exactly needed to get a HRD role – mentoring with an experienced HRD so I could see through their eyes; connection with fellow aspiring HRDs so we could jointly share our experiences, challenges, and succeses; and access to top notch research, insight into what it takes to navigate organisational dynamics at the director level.”

– Olukemi, Director of people and previous Aspiring HR Director mentee

Mentor an Aspiring HR Director

As a senior HR director or chief people officer in the UK, we’ll connect you with a professional at Head of HR level or equivalent – a future HRD. You’ll work with your mentee – online and face-to-face – over 9-12 months, helping them discover their full leadership potential. Our well-established, impactful Aspiring HRD programme blends your mentoring support with online and group learning.

Each year, more of our senior people professionals step up to support those joining and progressing in the profession – and with great results. To date, over 45% of participants in our over-subscribed Aspiring HRD programme are from ethnic minorities. 15% have a disability (or prefer not to say). Almost 45% have been promoted since joining the programme, many to HR director, chief people officer or assistant director roles, and our growing alumni of leaders support each other and mentor others. This means we can scale our work and expand its impact across the people profession.

You have the power to help a colleague in our community progress on their leadership journey. With your help, we can diversify and strengthen the people profession.

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Opportunities to volunteer your expertise

Discover how you can use your skills to tackle barriers to work


Support a person with a conviction to find work

Empower people with experience of the criminal justice system to re-enter the workplace and thrive.

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Four people in a college library environment.

Mentor a parent returning to the workforce

Boost the confidence of a parent and help them find the right job to return to.

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Support a woman in prison back to work

Use your expertise in employee development and recruitment to help someone to re-enter the workplace and thrive.

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Mentor a refugee to succeed in work

Use your unique skills to support refugees to re-enter the workplace in the UK and develop in existing roles.

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