Charities help CIPD Trust to connect refugees with people profession in UK

Five organisations have joined us as key supporters on our new bursary scheme, in partnership with City & Guilds Foundation, to help break down barriers to work faced by refugees.

The charities will connect us to refugees who want to join the people profession in the UK and need access to CIPD qualifications. We are excited to have joined forces with five expert organisations who support refugees:

Who the bursary scheme is helping and why

We support refugees to re-enter the people profession and create more inclusive, fairer, and better workplaces.

For many refugees, financial hardship is a barrier to studying for a CIPD qualification. Many refugees are forced to take any available job rather than one matching their skills.

We offer bursaries to refugees from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Cameroon, Turkey and Iran wanting to progress in the people profession in the UK.

Roxy, who fled war-torn Ukraine, was awarded one of our bursaries. Although having worked in HR at home, Roxy realised she needed a CIPD qualification to enter the people profession in the UK but was unable to fund her studies.

I was really excited and overwhelmed by the help and support I received from the bursary fund. It’s very important. It gives amazing opportunities to people who might experience some social and financial difficulties. The bursary fund promotes the idea of diversity and inclusion, making education more accessible to a much broader population and making the people profession more diverse and inclusive.

Roxy, bursary scheme recipient

Help us create a more inclusive workforce

We support those who face the greatest challenges in the workplace, and need organisations who can connect us with those facing the biggest obstacles to meaningful work. Can your organisation connect us with refugees looking to access the people profession in the UK? We’d love to hear from you.

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